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Highlights of the AFTAP Program

The Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America (RESNA) operates the Alternative Financing Technical Assistance Project (AFTAP) to support states in establishing and maintaining alternative financing programs (AFP) under Title III of the Assistive Technology Act of 1998. The project's purpose is to provide technical assistance (TA) to states in developing alternative financing programs that reduce barriers to the availability of assistive technology (AT) and create new sources of funding for assistive technology devices and services for people with disabilities of all ages.

The Alternative Financing Technical Assistance Project (AFTAP) uses a comprehensive model for delivery of technical assistance. The technical assistance needs of the states are assessed and technical assistance plans are developed and tailored to meet those needs. Delivery strategies for the technical assistance include on-site visits by expert consultants; a national meeting focused on issues related to developing, implementing, and maintaining financial loan programs; data collection and evaluation; targeted research publications; and electronic services.

Technical assistance addresses the needs of state programs that have received funding under Title III as well as those states that are in the process of preparing applications for alternative financing programs (AFP). A web-based outcome data collection instrument will be developed to enable collection of uniform data across state programs to assist in determining the outcomes and impact of the availability of AT alternative financing programs for individuals with disabilities by region and across the country.

The RESNA/AFTAP has teamed up with two highly respected entities who are experts in AT financing, evaluation and research respectively -- the Virginia Assistive Technology System (VATS) and the University of Illinois at Chicago. AFTAP also has a network of consultants to address state needs.


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