KATCO Loan Program
By:  Sara Sack, Ph.D
Assistive Technology for Kansans
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Assistive Technology for Kansans

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Increasing Access to Assistive Technology and Increasing Financial Power

Loan Guarantee &
Revolving Loan Program
Individual obtains loan application
Regional Access Site investigates eligibility for public assistance, availability of donated equipment, or need for trail use of equipment.  Helps consumer apply for assistance if eligible.

"If not eligible,"
If not eligible, or individual chooses to pursue private funding, AT Access Site assists in completing the application.
Credit Union obtains credit history and determines whether the loan can be made without being secured.

"If a guarantee is required"
If a guarantee is required, the application is reviewed by the consumer loan committee.
The loan is made or the steps to increase credit worthiness are identified.

"Loans are made at rates..."
Loans are made at rates that vary from 5.5% to 9.9%
$120,000 has been loaned in the last 9 months