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CDFI Self Assessment Questions

Possible responses - not exhaustive list
  1. What is a CDFI?
    A community development financial institution has as its mission community development serving distressed and economically disadvantaged people and communities. It combines development services with financing, providing lending, investing, and other products to meet the needs of its market.

  2. List some characteristics of a CDFI.
    CDFIs take more risks than traditional financial institutions, they are more likely to provide personal attention to borrowers. They help create new borrowers and new markets.

  3. Why might a CDFI be a good partner for an assistive technology Alternative Financing Program or an Access to Telework loan program?
    A CDFI often has the same mission as an AFP and a Telework Program. CDFI can provide loans and other financing services that are flexible and meet the needs of the customer for both individual loans and for loans to small businesses.


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