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AFP Data Collection Plan

Purpose: The purpose of the AFTAP data collection activities are to capture information about loan activities of the Alternative Financing Programs (AFPs) and provide a summary report on these activities.

Data that will be collected will center around AFP activities related to individual loan applications and aggregate data on all the loans provided by the programs. There will be three instruments developed related to loan information. Two instruments will be used to collect applicant information; one during initial contact on up to loan decision to gather information required under the AT Act. The second will be a three month follow-up instrument to attempt to gather information on impact of the loan or identify actions taken if the loan was denied. The third instrument, annual program data, will be used to collect aggregate information on all the loans of each AFP. The intent of these three data collection efforts is solely to assist in uniformly recording and summarizing activities of programs. None of these data collection activities is intended to evaluate individual state programs or determine program effectiveness.

In addition two instruments will be developed to assist programs assess their own programs. A program self-assessment instrument will be offered as an optional checklist for AFPs to use to gauge the depth and breadth of their programs. A Customer Satisfaction instrument will be offered as an optional assessment tool for programs to gauge customer satisfaction.



There will be three instruments available for your use to report information about your loan program.

Applicant Information – Initial Contact

This instrument is designed to collect basic information on loan applicants, such as age, type of disability, type of assistive technology to be purchased, employment status, income and credit status, etc. This information will be gathered by AFP staff as part of the application process and be completed when a decision on the loan is made. If the loan is approved, it will include specifics concerning the loan amount and terms. The purpose of collecting these data is to fulfill the requirements of data collection as outlined under the AT Act. The collection of these data allows decision makers and AFPs to begin to identify who the loan program is serving.

Applicant Follow-up – Three Months out

This instrument is designed to collect information from the borrower on the impact of the assistive technology on the person's life and potentially identify successful outcomes for further study. A general satisfaction question will be part of the instrument. This instrument will also be used to gather information from applicants who were denied loans. It will include information on whether the person received other services or was provided assistive technology through another source. AFP staff will primarily administer this follow-up instrument through a telephone interview. The use of this instrument is optional, but strongly recommended. The information gathered from this activity will assist AFPS in determining the impact of their loan program.

Annual Program Data

This instrument is designed to collect aggregate data on all the loan activity of a particular state. When combined with the data from the other AFPs, it will provide a summary of all the loans provided during the year. Data to be collected will provide information on the loans approved and denied, including the number of loans provided and their size, repayment periods and interest rates, default rates, and the total number of loans denied. This information will be provided annually by AFP staff as part of their annual reporting to NIDRR and will be used to fulfill some of the data collection requirements as outlined in the AT Act and provide AFPs and decision makers with a snapshot of the total use of the loan program.



There will be two instruments available for your use to assess your AFP's progress.

Program Self Assessment Checklist

This checklist provides a menu of AFP program areas and activities such as outreach, loan processing, infrastructure development, and other program services in which most AFPs are involved. It is an optional checklist that AFPs can use to annually review their program to determine their program’s progress over the past year.

Customer Satisfaction

This is an optional data collection instrument that AFPs can use to gather basic customer satisfaction about the program's services of all applicants. It is designed to be used by AFP staff either as a mail out survey or as a guide for telephone interviews. The information will help AFPs gauge the effectiveness of the customer service aspects of their loan program.

February 2001

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