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Library of Teleconference Training Sessions

NATTAP has hosted a series of teleconferences on various topics of loan program operations. This library provides transcript and audio files of the sessions.

  • Collections: The Bottom Line, Teleconference held December 8, 2009
    This was an opportunity to hear from a panel of AFP programs regarding collecting on defaulted loans. A representative of the collections industry, Chad Echols of Hamilton, Martens & Ballou of Rock Hill, South Carolina, provided an overview of the general process of collecting on past due account and the different approaches a lender or guarantor can take to pursuing collections, as well as some of the legal considerations to keep in mind. Milissa Gofourth of the Oklahoma AFP, and Kathy Gilman from Washington then explained the different processes they use to pursue debt, and advantages and disadvantages of each approach.
    Transcript (RTF format)    MP3 (9MB)
    Collecting on Bad Debt: Lessons from AFP and Telework Programs - a resource document with links to useful information.

  • Demystifying Titles, Teleconference held November 20, 2009
    Todd Wysocki, president of Michigan Auto Title Services, joined us for this teleconference to discuss issues around titles to vehicles loan programs finance. Mr. Wysocki gave an overview of the process to secure a clean title to a vehicle. He also provided definitions to key terms around titles, and, during a lively question and answer, helped to several specific issues faced by programs.
    Transcript (RTF format)    MP3 (5 MB)

New Directors Education Series

  • Loan Closing and Servicing, Teleconference held January 12, 2010
    Cheryl Fatnassi of the Vermont AFP explains the processes that take place as a loan is closed, and serviced. She will explain key documents and steps including booking a loan, securing collateral and disbursing funds. Dealing with missed payments will also be addressed from the perspective of both a guarantor and direct lender.
    Transcript (RTF format)    MP3 (6.4MB)    PowerPoint

  • Loan Committees and the Approval Decision, Teleconference held October 14, 2009
    Christy Crowther of Virginia’s New Well Fund discussed the process of sending applications for review to the loan committee and how the loan review committee makes its decisions. She shared an application summary sheet as well as a guide to the underwriting standards used by the committee and explained how her program ensures that loan review committee members are able to render informed decisions about loan applications.
    Transcript (RTF format)    MP3 (6.5 MB)
    1. Criteria Page (RTF)   2. Acceptable Example (PDF)   3. Unacceptable Example (PDF)   4. Borderline Example (PDF)

  • The Application Review Process, Teleconference held August 11, 2009
    Cheryl Fatnassi of the Vermont AFP covered the process of reviewing and confirming financial and personal data contained in loan applications. She guided participants through the basics of getting applications in ensuring their readiness for review.
    PowerPoint    Transcript (RTF format)    MP3 (15MB)    Handout (RTF)

  • Customer Service is Our Goal, Teleconference held June 8, 2009
    The first in a series designed to enable new directors to quickly acclimate their positions. This session's focus is on leveraging outside sources of support for borrowers, and the role of AFPs in helping them develop financial stability. Several archetypes of borrowers, and possible solutions to their needs will be discussed.
    PowerPoint    Transcript (RTF format)    MP3 (15MB)

  • The Language of Lending, Teleconference held February 24, 2009
    Cheryl Fatnassi of the Vermont AFP and Patti Lind of the Iowa AFP provide an overview of terms encountered through the life of a loan, from application, to underwriting, to servicing and collections.
    PowerPoint    Transcript (RTF format)    MP3 (17 MB)

  • AFP New Directors Quarterly Call: Overview of the AT Act, Teleconference held December 8, 2008
    NATTAP provides an overview of the AT Act, and the programs created under it. General discussion followed, covering among other things, fundraising efforts of AFPs.
    PowerPoint    Transcript (RTF format)    MP3 (13 MB)

  • AFP Evaluation Study by Woodstock Institute, Teleconference held March 19, 2008
    Geoff Smith of the Woodstock Institute summarizes the independent evaluation report of the AFPs and discusses some of the findings in the study.
    PowerPoint    Transcript (RTF format)    MP3 (15 MB)

Strategic Planning Series

  • Strategic Planning Follow-Up Call, Teleconference held June 16, 2009
    This call allowed programs to regroup, recap, and discuss progress that they have made toward developing and implementing their strategic plans. Kathy Adams from Maine, and Basil Kessler from Kansas described steps had taken following the series. Joey Wallace will also review the NewWell Fund’s planning documents.
    Transcript (RTF Format)    MP3 (12 MB)
    Joey Wallace PPT    Kathy Adams PPT    ATLFA Strategic Plan Draft
    MPower Planning Questionnaire    MPower Worksheet

  • Developing the Strategic Plan, Teleconference held February 10, 2009
    The second in a three-part series on strategic planning focused on how to conduct an analysis, set direction, refine and eventually implement a strategic plan. PowerPoint    Transcript (RTF format)    MP3 (12 MB)

  • Preparing for Strategic Planning, Teleconference held January 13, 2009
    The first in a three-part series on strategic planning focused on the importance of planning, the potential benefits and concerns, as well as how to select a work group to engage in the process.
    PowerPoint    Transcript (RTF format)    MP3 (13 MB)

Navigating Loan Programs Through Tough Financial Times

  • The Current Economic Environment- One Perspective, Teleconference held November 24, 2008
    Mark Pinsky from Opportunity Finance Network addresses the current economic climate and its impact on non-bank lenders, including AFPs and Telework Loan Programs. He discusses changes that likely will occur - such as increase risk of loss and tighter lending standards, and how these changes may affect the way loan programs operate.
    Transcript (RTF format) MP3 File (13 MB)

Borrower Supports/ Financial Literacy Series

  • What are Borrower Supports and Why are They Important?, Teleconference held January 28, 2008
    Loan programs often offer borrower supports, such as financial literacy training, credit counseling, and pre-loan qualifying to their customers. In this first call in the series, participants discuss the various supports that loan programs could offer and the benefits of these services to both the customers and the loan programs. Patti Lind from the Abilities Fund facilitates the discussion.
    PowerPoint Presentation   Transcript (RTF format)   MP3 File (14 MB)

  • Setting Up Borrower Support Services with Partners, Teleconference held February 25, 2008
    Patti Lind facilitates the discussion around finding partners that offer support services and offers ways to partner with them. Participants describe some of the support services in their states and how borrowers could benefit from them.
    Transcript (RTF format)   MP3 (14 MB)   Powerpoint

  • Setting Up Borrower Support Services Internally, Teleconference held March 17, 2008
    Patti Lind facilitates the discussion around how a loan program can use in-house expertise to set up services for borrowers. Discussion includes looking for funding sources and staffing the services.
    Transcript (RTF format)   MP3 (13 MB)   Powerpoint

  • Marketing Borrower Support and Measuring Success, Teleconference held April 14, 2008
    This teleconference highlights how loan programs can market their services to their borrowers and potential applicants. Patti Lind facilitates group discussion to look at how to determine the impact of these services on your program.
    Transcript (RTF format) MP3 (14MB) Powerpoint

Loan Program Boards

Indirect Costs


Telework Teleconferences

  • Findings from Telework Research Projects - March 21, 007
    This teleconference provides an overview of the three research projects on telework and telecommuting sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP). Researchers from each of the projects discuss their studies and findings to date. They also describe resources that they have produced that might be of interest to Telework loan programs.

    Presenters include: Richard Horne, ODEP and Jeremy Buzzell, RSA; Jane Anderson, Midwest Institute for Telecommuting Education (MITE); Michael West, Virginia Commonwealth University; and Susan Kintner, The Workplace.

    Transcript (RTF format)     MP3 file (9.5 MB)

Asset Development Strategies Series

  • Credit Builders Alliance, Teleconference held April 23, 2008
    This teleconference features Vikki Franks and Emily Carpenter of the Credit Builders Alliance, an alternative credit reporting service, who discuss credit reports and credit scores. They share tools and strategies for building credit from CBA’s credit builder toolkit.
    Transcript (RTF format)    MP3 (21.8 MB)    Powerpoint

  • Individual Development Accounts - Establishing an IDA - March 20, 2007
    Megan O'Neil from the World Institute on Disability (WID) and Abby Cooper with the Washington State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation discuss the pros and cons of a loan program establishing its own IDA. They also address sources for match funds for the IDA and key organizational structures that need to be in place as well as critical partnerships that need to be fostered.
    Transcript (RTF format)     MP3     PowerPoint

  • Individual Development Accounts - Partnering with Existing IDAs - February 20, 2007
    Megan O'Neil from the World Institute on Disability (WID) provides a thorough overview of individual development accounts (IDAs) - what they are, how they work, and what federal rules guide and limit IDAs. She gives guidance on how loan programs can partner with existing IDAs to blend funding sources so that people with disabilities can obtain the AT they need.
    Transcript (RTF format)    MP3    PowerPoint    Handout (RTF format)

  • Using the PASS for AT Loans - January 17, 2007
    Michael Dalto with the Maryland Technology Assistance Program and Jim Sheldon with Neighborhood Legal Services will provide an overview of SSI’s Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS) program and how it works. This session will highlight how PASS funds can be used for monthly loan payments purchasing AT.
    Transcript (RTF format)    MP3 file (11 MB)    PowerPoint    Article (PDF format)

Consumer Financial Literacy

  • Teleconference - November 14, 2006
    This presentation features curriculum and training materials developed by two state loan programs that assist consumers plan financially for purchasing assistive technology. Aimee Sterk, Leah March, and Adeline Metzler connected with the Michigan AFP present on “Building Your Financial Future,” a curriculum developed through a grant from the National Credit Union Foundation. Lisa Rouelle from Alpha One in Maine present on “Making Smart Choices,” a curriculum developed through a grant from the National Endowment for Financial Education.
    Transcript (RTF format)     MP3 File
    PowerPoint for Michigan   Handouts for Michigan (RTF format)   Handouts for Maine (RTF format)

Defining AT for Loan Programs

  • Teleconference - October 10, 2006
    This call provides an overview of the Rehabilitation Services Administration Technical Assistance Circular (TAC) dated September 7, 2006 that offers a framework for AFPs to help them determine if a particular device is assistive technology for the purposes of providing a financial loan. Jeremy Buzzell of RSA is the presenter.
    Transcript (RTF format)   MP3   Technical Assistance Circular (RTF format)

Loan Program Essentials

  • Determining Financial Products - May 23, 2006
    This call focuses on helping loan programs evaluate their market, review traditional loan products, and look at some innovations in practice. Patti Lind of the Iowa Abilities Fund is the presenter.

  • Managing Your Loan Funds - August 3, 2006
    This call focuses on techniques to managing your funds including manual accounting and software based accounting. Patti Lind and Todd Weber of the Iowa Abilities Fund are the presenters.
    Transcript    MP3 file

Lender and Loan Policy Sessions

  • Lessons Learned from Vehicle Loans - April 16, 2007
    This is a discussion by Jason Luciano from the Massachusetts AFP, Susan Tachau from the Pennsylvania AFP and Dave Matheis from the Kentucky AFP about the lessons they have learned about providing vehicle loans. The conversation, facilitated by Stan Provus, explores how a loan program decides to offer loans for the purchase of vehicles, what policies including those related to underwriting need to be in place, what special procedures should be followed for these types of loans and what to do if a loan has been written off and the vehicle repossessed.
    Transcript (RTF format)    MP3 file

  • Elements of AFPs Policies and Procedures Manual - September 25, 2006
    Stan Provus analyzed the policies and procedures manual of many of the AFPs. During this conference call, Stan shares his findings with the loan programs. He identifies core elements for policy manuals and suggests some language for the policies. Manuals for two AFPs are featured. Tony Rice from the Maryland Loan program and Patti Lind from the Iowa Abilities Fund discuss their loan program policies. The accompanying publication, "Elements of Alternative Financing Programs Policies and Procedures Manuals" is available on the web.
    Transcript (RTF format)     MP3 file

  • Lender Agreements - February 14, 2006
    The conference call provided AFPs an opportunity to discuss major provisions that should be included in an agreement for a loan guarantee program. Presenter Stan Provus describes the various sections of an agreement and highlights some negotiating points and specific language that could be included in AFP lender agreements. The accompanying publication, "Alternative Financing Program Loan Agreements," is available on the web.

  • Investment Policies Conference Call - May 18, 2006
    Stan Provus is the presenter for this conference call. He analyzed the investment policies of several AFPs and shares his findings with the loan programs. He identifies investment criteria and provided sample policy language. Jane Johnson from FAAST and Frances Pennell from WATF discussed the decisions that led to the development of their investment policies. The accompanying publication, "AFP Investment Policies," is available on the web.


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