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Marketing/Outreach Strategies
Alternative Financing Program
Utah Assistive Technology Foundation

1. Develop Statewide Systematic Plan

  • Program Identifier/Brand
  • Monthly, ongoing outreach
  • Multiple methods

2. Form Collaborative Partnerships

  • Conference Presentations, Exhibits & Program Ads
  • Newsletter Articles and Ads
  • Shared Information Distribution

3. Provide Statewide Coverage

  • Training Sessions and Outreach Visits
  • Local Telephone Books
  • Newspaper Articles/Ads
  • Billboards & Busboards

4. Mass Mailings (both snail & email)

  • Private Providers - (Audiologists, Physicians, Pharmacies, Therapists )
  • State Services - (Voc Rehab, Div. of Services for People with Disabilities, etc. )
  • Schools - (Special Educators, District Offices )
  • General Public - (Bank customers, Utility bills )
  • Health/Medical - (Community Health Departments, Rehab Centers, Hospitals, etc. )
  • Disability Organizations: - (Centers for Independent living, Specific Disability/Advocacy Groups)

5. Use all forms of Print and Broadcast Media

  • Newspaper Articles and Advertisements
  • Disability/Health Magazine and Journal Articles
  • Radio and Television PSAs and Talk Shows

6. Make Your Program Easy to Find

  • Website Links from other related organizations
  • Information and referral organizations (disability and general)
  • Disability/Senior/Community Resource Guides
  • Programs and Annual publications


7. Provide Good Customer Service

  • Timely, friendly, efficient
  • Appropriate information and referral
  • Generates word of mouth advertising

8. Hispanic Outreach and Marketing

  • Hire Appropriate Staff

- Translate all your materials

- Conduct targeted outreach and training

- Available to respond in Spanish

  • Targeted Public Awareness

- Hispanic Media (magazines, newspapers, radio, television, etc.)

- Hispanic Telephone Books

- Flyers and Brochures at Centers, Stores, Restaurants, etc.

  • Collaborative Partnerships

- Governorís Hispanic Committee

- Educators, Health, Business Coalitions

- Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers

- State Aging & Disability-Related Agencies

- Religious Organizations


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