Telework Fact Sheet

Telework / Telecommuting are interchangeable terms for an employment outcome in which the individual conducts business activities that would otherwise be completed at an office or workplace. Telework loans are available to Virginians with disabilities requiring credit financing for computers and other equipment, including adaptive equipment and / or modifications to their home that will enable them to have an employment outcome working from their home or residence. The ATLFA will make Telework loans to individuals who require computers and other equipment in order to obtain employment, maintain employment or to establish a self-employment enterprise while working from their home.

Equipment Mechanical or electronic devices or apparatus, software or telecommunication systems necessary to perform telework, as well as the cost of training needed to use the equipment properly, maintenance agreements and extended warranties for the equipment, and maintenance and repair expenses for the equipment.

* Computers, printers and related peripherals

* Software

* Fax machines and scanners

* Tools

* Office machines (e.g., calculators)

* Telecommunication devices

* Office furniture

* Home modifications for accessibility and/or to create home offices

* Assistive technology (i.e., any device or item that enables an individual with a disability to live and work more independently or productively with an improved quality of life)

General Conditions for Approval of Telework Loans

A telework loan may be approved only if the loan has a very high likelihood of enabling a Virginia resident with a disability to either (a) increase income through telework or (b) initiate telework to avoid losing income through a loss of or reduction in employment.

A telework loan will generally be considered to meet this criterion if the equipment to be purchased with the loan will assist the individual with a disability to do at least one of the following:

1. Begin telework for an employer when the individual was previously unemployed;

2. Increase income by increasing work hours and/or hourly wages in an existing job through telework;

3. Increase income by telework in addition to an existing job;

4. Remain employed at his/her current level, and prevent job loss or a reduction in earnings, through telework; or

5. Initiate or expand self-employment

Telework Loans will be offered at a low interest rate with favorable terms to eligible borrowers. With proof of an employment offer, a borrower may pay interest only for a telework loan for the first three months.

Assistive Technology Loan Fund Authority (ATLFA)

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