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Topic Snapshot: Data Collection

Data Collection Instruments

Data Reporting and Report Generation

  • RSA Federal Management Information System (MIS)
    This is the official site that AFP and Telework loan programs use to input their annual data. From this site, loan programs and the general public can access data reports and conduct ad hoc queries.
  • NISAT Data Site
    This site can be used by AFP and Telework programs to enter data for checking for errors, prior to officially entering the data in to the RSA MIS system (see link in item above).
  • Telework Reports Central (To come)
    This site allows users to download Telework data reports easily. Data in the database are from the RSA MIS, the site has standard report templates that allow the user to easily create state and national reports from published Telework Data. The RESNA Catalyst Project maintains this site for use by loan programs and the general public.

Data Collection Software

    Two commercially available software packages allow AFP and Telework Loan Programs to track their loan applications and prepare reports for their boards, loan review committees, and official annual reporting. Other loan tracking software is available commercially. These two have specific modules for the RSA data collection requirements.
  • Down Home Loan Manager
  • Maryland AT Program and CorTech Data Designs - Contact Tony Rice at OR Cory Royer at

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