Table 11. Monthly Qualifying Income of Borrowers, FY 08 and Cumulatively
  FY 2008 Cummulative
Mean $3,022.82 $2,870.56
Median $2,461.00 $2,361.00
Std. Deviation $2,222.81 $2,061.72
Minimum $0.00 $0.00
Maximum $9,833.00 $9,833.00
Source:  AFP Outcomes Database and Management System, downloaded November 19, 2008
Data notes:
For FY08, 87 missing cases (n=1264)
For Cummulative, 519 missing cases (n=7611)
Income data reported is that which is used to qualify for a loan.
Thus, if there is a loan cosigner, the combined incomes of the consigners is reported.

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