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Telework Teleconferences

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  • 2011
    • Application Red Flags: Low Credit Scores and Other Credit Report Issues - May 9, 2012
      Cheryl Fatnassi from VT and Milissa Gofourth from OK talk about common red flags found in a loan applicant's credit report, and how programs can address them to help the applicant be successful. PowerPoint     MP3
    • Exploring Entrepreneurship - Part II - July 19, 2011
      Designed as a follow-up to the April 27th webinar on entrepreneurship, Kathy Gilman continues leading a discussion around the steps to succeed in building your own business. The logistics and how to do advanced business planning are explored.
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    • New Telework Program Directors Conference Call Series: Fourth Call - May 24, 2011
      Wrapping up the series of conference calls for directors new to Telework Programs, the fourth scheduled call focused on the findings of the Top Performers workgroup of the Telework Initiative in 2010. The identified Keys to Success were reviewed in greater detail. The publication is listed in Word format, and the recording of this discussion is available for review in an MP3 format.
      MP3    Publication: Findings from Top Performers
    • Exploring Entrepreneurship - April 27, 2011
      Kathy Gilman, from the Washington Access Fund, presents this webinar to Telework Loan programs and interested parties. Designed for budding entrepreneurs, this webinar focuses on the beginnings of entrepreneurship and the basics of business planning.
    • Telework New Directors Series: Microdevelopment Organizations - April 5, 2011
      Kathy Gilman, from the Washington Access Fund, presents on microdevelopment and microenterprise organizations. The discussion includes how these groups can be utilized within a telework loan program.
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    • Telework New Directors Series: The Technical Assistance Circular (TAC) - March 14, 2011
      During this installment of the Telework New Director Series, Rob Groenedaal from RSA and Kathy Gilman from the Washington Access Fund discuss the RSA Technical Assistance Circular (TAC) for Telework Programs. Questions and answers from the invited audience are included.
  • 2010
  • 2009
    • Telework Top Performers Sharing Second Call: Partnerships, Teleconference held December 14, 2009
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    • Telework Top Performers Sharing First Call, Teleconference held November 18, 2009
      As part of this year's special drive to increase the volume of Telework loans, the top performing Telework programs have been engaged in a series of discussions to define effective practices and key components of successful programs. During this call, the group shared an overview of its findings with all of the Telework programs, and addressed specific suggestions around marketing. Sample planning documents were shared, and are available in the Telework Resource Library.
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    • Bi-Monthly Telework Call, Teleconference held September 9, 2009
      Telework programs were presented with a challenge to pump up the volume of loans for FY 2010 by 40% over 2009 levels. NATTAP’s plan for technical assistance to reach that goal were discussed, as well as some of the strategies that loan programs are now pursuing to boost their volumes.
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    • Getting Ready for Telework One-Year Follow Up Surveys held August 19, 2009
      Kathy Meisner-Altman of Wisconsin, Milissa Gofourth from Oklahoma and Kathy Gilman of Washington described how their programs are planning to collect, or have collected one-year follow up data on current Telework borrowers. The discussion centered about required data elements, but also explored additional questions that might be asked of borrowers.
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    • 2009 Telework Forum Follow-Up, 14 July 2009
      This call provided a recap of major issues that were discussed at the 2009 Telework Forum in Arlington, VA. A presentation on the microenterprise development field was given by NATTAP. Rob Groenendaal, Brian Bard, and Jeremy Buzzell from RSA provided insight into the case-by-case evaluation standard established in the 2007 Telework Technical Assistance Circular.
      Transcript (RTF Format)    MP3 (16 MB)
      Introduction to Microenterprise (PPT format)   (RTF version)
      MDO Funding Resources Sheet (PDF format)
      Telework TAC, March 2007 (RTF format)

    • Bi-Monthly Telework Call, Teleconference held February 25, 2009
      Eric Guidish of the Illinois Telework Program, and Dave Porter of the Self-Employment Resources Network (SERN), discuss their collaboration to provide mentoring services to entrepreneurs with disabilities. Additional support services offered to Telework clients are discussed.
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  • 2008
    • Bi-Monthly Telework Call. Teleconference held December 15, 2008
      Following on the June Telework Forum, Kathy Gilman, of the Washington Assistive Technology Foundation will introduce a curriculum she has developed, aimed at helping start up home-based businesses write their business plans. The Workbook referred to during the call is available in the Grantees Only section of the site.
      Transcript (RTF format)    MP3 (18 MB)

    • Getting Ready for Telework Data Collection – October 27, 2008
      This teleconference focused on the data that needs to be collected under the newly approved Telework data collection instrument and how Telework programs can determine what to collect. Presenters Rob Groenendaal, RSA and Nancy Meidenbauer, NATTAP
  • 2007
    • Findings from Telework Research Projects - March 21, 2007
      This teleconference provides an overview of the three research projects on telework and telecommuting sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Office of Disability Employment Policy (ODEP). Researchers from each of the projects discuss their studies and findings to date. They also describe resources that they have produced that might be of interest to Telework loan programs.

      Presenters include: Richard Horne, ODEP and Jeremy Buzzell, RSA; Jane Anderson, Midwest Institute for Telecommuting Education (MITE); Michael West, Virginia Commonwealth University; and Susan Kintner, The Workplace.

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