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Analyzing and Reporting on Needs Assessment Data for Feasibility Studies - May 4, 2006

Description: This call helped the states to continue to discuss the activities they were doing as part of their feasibility studies, such as conducting online surveys, distributing mail in surveys, and hosting focus groups. The discussion also touched on the selection of audiences to survey. Patti Lind then provided information on deriving recommendations from the data. Particular emphasis was placed on determining loan products to fit the needs, such as direct loan for unbankable consumers. The discussion touched on the various audiences for the study findings, such as potential funders to justify the market.
Author: NATTAP
Year: 2006
Parent: Feasibility Study Teleconference Series
Audience: Grantee Only
Keywords: State Financing, Teleconference
Identifier: Planning
Document Type: Teleconferences
Available Formats: rtf