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AT, Work and Transition Aged Youth June 18, 2009

Description: Jim Sheldon from Neighborhood Legal Services led a discussion on how students with disabilities and their families can fund a range of assistive technology (AT) needed as they finish their last years of high school, move into higher education, and plan to enter the workforce. Using a case scenario, Jim facilitated a discussion about how a young person can access several funding sources, including special education programs, Medicaid, Medicare, vocational rehabilitation programs, and SSI Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS) that can be used to acquire a range of AT.
Author: NATTAP
Year: 2009
Parent: AT, Work and Transition Aged Youth June 18, 2009
Audience: General Public
Keywords: Employment, Funding, Post Secondary, Teleconference, Transition
Document Type: Teleconferences
Available Formats: rtf mp3