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Medicaid, Assistive Technology, and the Courts: An Updated Summary of AT-Related Federal and State Court Decisions

Description: This article summarizes many of the most important AT-related court decisions going back to the mid 1980s, with most of these decisions published during the 1994 - 2003 period (i.e., since the Protection and Advocacy for Assistive Technology or PAAT programs have been funded). The great majority of these cases involved attorneys from P&A; programs or attorneys who could be identified as part of our extended AT advocacy network. Given the limitations of space, this article does not highlight unreported court decisions (i.e., not reported in either official reporters or Westlaw) or court settlements, except insofar as later reported cases relied on the unreported or settled case in some way.
Author: Neighborhood Legal Services
Year: 2006
Parent: 2006 Annual Conference of AT Act Programs
Audience: General Public
Keywords: Funding, Health, Meeting
Document Type: Meetings,Reports, Meetings
Available Formats: word