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Effectiveness of Assistive Technology and Environmental Interventions in Maintaining Independence and Reducing Home Care Costs for the Frail Elderly: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Description: William C. Mann, OTR, PhD; Kenneth J. Ottenbacher, OTR, PhD; Linda Fraas, OTR, MA; Machiko Tomita, PhD; Carl V. Granger, MD. Archives of Family Medicine. May/June 1999 v8, p210-217.
Author: William C. Mann,
Year: 2010
Parent: Training to Keep Seniors in their Homes Thursday, January 21, 2010
Audience: General Public
Keywords: Aging/Elderly, Teleconference, Training, Transition
Document Type: Teleconferences,Training Materials,Reports, Training Materials, Teleconferences
Available Formats: pdf