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SOS Project Abstract 2014-2015

Description: During the Statewide AT Directors Forum held on 05/14/2015, RESNA Catalyst Project Director Joey Wallace facilitated a discussion, which focused on service contracts, service provisions, and fee for services. Several documents were shared, including resources from Nebraska’s Assistive Technology Partnership and the North Carolina Assistive Technology Program, which were discussed during the call. The attachments include a commonly ask questions fact sheet from North Carolina’s Assistive Technology Program, Nebraska’s Assistive Technology Partnership Annual VR Report and Abstract (minus the budget page), the original proposal to Nebraska VR for the Solutions On Site (SOS) Project, the 2012 State AT Program Case studies that the RESNA Catalyst Project developed, and the Consumer Satisfaction Survey for the SOS project, which was sent to consumers six weeks following project completion.
Author: Nebraska ATP
Year: 2015
Parent: Leveraging Funding with Vocational Rehabilitation - Statewide Directors Forum held 5/14/15
Audience: General Public
Keywords: Sustainability
Document Type: Sample Document
Available Formats: pdf