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  • General

    KtoC Program (2011) -- Available formats: ppt
    Powerpoint of the KtoC Program

    WAS - IDA Presentation (2011) -- Available formats: ppt
    Washington Access Fund's IDA presentation

  • Training Materials

    Wealth Building for Persons with Disabilities - by Abby Cooper (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    This provides an overview of the importance of building assets for people with disabilities.

  • Profile

    Expanding Saving Options for Persons with Disabilities through the Establishment of Individual Development Accounts (2000) -- Available formats: html ppt txt
    Describes the use of IDAs for people with disabilities, and provides information on several state-level efforts to create IDAs for the funding of Assistive Technology

  • Teleconferences

    Financial Literacy Part I - March 19th 2013 (2013) -- Available formats: mp3
    This teleconference introduced loan program directors and staff to financial literacy as an option for loan programs. Kathy Gilman from Washington spoke about how financial literacy training has been successfully incorporated into AFP and other loan programs, and how this can strengthen the integrity and portfolio of a program.

    Asset Development Presentation from WID (2012) -- Available formats: ppt
    The powerpoint to the Teleconference on Asset Development for AFPs and Teleworks.

    What's New in Asset Development (2012) -- Available formats: mp3
    Tom Foley, Deputy Director of the World Institute on Disability, presents on the current state of Asset Development and how to incorporate this into a financial loan program.

    Credit Builders Alliance - April 23, 2008 (2008) -- Available formats: rtf mp3
    This teleconference features Vikki Franks and Emily Carpenter of the Credit Builders Alliance, an alternative credit reporting service, who discuss credit reports and credit scores. They share tools and strategies for building credit from CBAs credit builder toolkit.

    Credit Builders Alliance - April 23, 2008 - Power point (2008) -- Available formats: ppt
    This presentation discusses new ways to build credit through non traditional credit reporting mechanisms.

  • Webinars

    Real Economic Tour - Power points (2011) -- Available formats: ppt
    Johnette Hartnett, National Disability Institute, describes the real economic tour.

    Using Tax Benefits and Credits - IRS (2011) -- Available formats: ppt
    Several Tax credts are explained, including the earned income tax credit.