Indiana Section 2

  1. Definitions

    For the purpose of this proposal "Procurement" means a purchase (as defined in IC 5-22-2-24).
    As added by P.L.2-1991, SEC.4. Amended by P.L.49-1997, SEC.38

  2. Procurement requirements

    1. The state of Indiana shall establish a Commission for the Compliance for Access Standards. The purpose of this commission is to establish a clause that shall be included in all contracts for the procurement of information technology by, or for the use of, entities of this act.

      1. The access standards established by this commission shall include such specification as are necessary to fulfill the assurances of Sec. 508 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1996 and subsequent reauthorizations.

  3. Implementation

    1. For the purpose of assuring the effective phasing in of access technology procurement, the head of any covered entity:

      1. May not approve exclusion of the technology access clause from any contract with respect to the compatibility of standard operating systems and software, including the design and procurement of interactive equipment and software.

    2. Nothing in this section requires the installation of software or peripheral devices used for individual with disabilities when the information technology is being used the individuals who are not impaired.
    3. Compliance with this proposal in regard to information technology prior to the effective date of this proposal shall be achieved at the time of procurement of an upgrade or replacement of the existing equipment or software.