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Assistive Technology Recycling, Refurbishing, and Redistribution
RESNA Technical Assistance Project
April 2000


Many state Tech Act projects have promoted the development of some type of equipment loan, equipment exchange, or equipment recycling program. In addition, a number of related programs have been developed by private organizations throughout the country. As more programs have emerged, the value of sharing experiences with other equipment redistribution programs has become clear. Understanding the reasons for successes, as well as failures, is important in helping shape the success of new initiatives and in helping established programs better meet their goals.
The RESNA Technical Assistance Program, in collaboration with the New Hampshire Assistive Technology Project, hosted the "Discovering Hidden Resources" Conference in Arlington, Virginia, in March 1999 with the hope that sharing information about equipment redistribution programs would assist those who were developing or managing similar ventures. In addition to sharing information, there was a need to continue to exchange information beyond the conference, as well as to support programs that already were in operation. Out of this meeting, it was hoped that a vision would emerge of a national system that would enhance programs' abilities to identify and procure surplus equipment, support distribution including the development of transportation links, and foster relationships with national and international relief organizations. The information in this monograph provides a first step in making some of these ideas a reality.


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