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June 2011 

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Upcoming Events

Invitation to Join AT for Employment Work Group

First Call- Thursday, July 21, 2011-2-3:00p.m. Eastern

The RESNA Catalyst Project invites you to join a new Work Group that is forming: AT and Employment.  This group will meet every other month and discuss employment issues, share resources, and explore how best to increase the use of AT as a tool to enhance employment in individual states.  Initial focus will be placed on planning for the Dialog Meeting at the October USBLN Conference between At Act programs and members of the USBLN.  A first call of the Work Group is scheduled for Thursday, July 21, 2011-2-3:00p.m. Eastern.   To connect to the call, dial 1-800-351-6810, pass code 46172076 #.  Call agenda to follow. 


Transition to the Community Work Group Call- September 14, 2011-3:00-4:00p.m. Eastern

The September quarterly call of the Transition Work Group will feature John E. V. Sorensen, from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  Mr. Sorenson will talk about the Money Follows the Person program and Medicaid as a resource for people who need AT while living in facilities and transitioning from them.  To connect to the call, dial 1-800-351-6810, pass code 46172076 #.   

Transcripts and MP3 files from previous calls are available at the Transition Wiki Site at:


Recent Events 

WebEd - Archives Available

For any of the WEBED- Webinar archived events, go to


Become an RSA Peer Reviewer

RSA would like to encourage you to submit your resume to become a peer reviewer for grant competitions.  To become a peer reviewer, all that is necessary is to send your resume to the following email address:  From there, your resume will be forwarded to the TRIM database where competition managers throughout OSERS search for reviewers. 

RSA is interested in increasing the pool of nonfederal peer reviewers for Statewide AT, AFP, and Telework program reviews.  The most critical component of this process is registering your DUNS number in the Central Contractor database.  Please consider becoming a nonfederal peer reviewer.  You can obtain a DUNS number at:, then register it at:


Contact Brian Bard,, 202-245-7345 if you need any assistance or further information.




Call for Demonstration and Device Loan Contracts

Do you have sample documents of Device Demonstration Contracts or Device Loan Contracts that you would be willing to share?  If so, RESNA Catalyst Project is seeking to include them on our Grantees Only Subcontract Repository Webpage.  To see what is already on this webpage, visit the Statewide AT Program Grantees Only section at  Please email your sample documents to Paul Galonsky,  We are particularly looking for performance based contracts.  Thank you!  


Upcoming Event 

Webinar: Title II and III of the ADA - July 14, 2011- 3:00-4:00 p.m. Eastern

Wendy Wilkinson, Project Director with the DBTAC-Southwest ADA Center and

Andy Winnegar, consultant with the DBTAC-Southwest ADA Center, will present strategies for providing "effective communication" for public and private entities covered by Title II and III of the Americans with Disabilities Act.  The presenters will review how the AT Act and Statewide AT Programs can support provision of effective communication.  This webinar is a collaboration of the RESNA Catalyst Project and the DBTAC Southwest ADA Center, a program of ILRU (Independent Living Research Utilization), at TIRR Memorial Hermann in Houston, Texas.  To access this Webinar, follow this link to the DBTAC Southwest ADA Center Talking Communities Room -

If you have not already, you will need to download and install the plug-in (see instructions there on the webpage).

Username: Type in your first name

Password: Leave Password blank and click log-on to continue




Upcoming Event

Registration Now Open! 15th Annual "Bridges to Better Advocacy" Conference

This three-day conference focusing on AT funding and advocacy strategies will be held on November 1-3, 2011 (Tuesday - Thursday) at the Hilton Garden Inn, Austin, TX.  Registration is available at .

Sign up by July 29th for Super Early Bird rate!  Agenda and speakers are now final! 

November 1st Preconference (full day):   "Medicaid, AT and Litigation" (focus on state and Federal court) (Speakers: Jane Perkins, National Health Law Program, Jennifer Giesen, Minnesota P&A, Lew Golinker, AT Law  Center, Jim Sheldon and Diana Straube, National AT Advocacy Project).

Two-Day Conference Highlights:  "Medicaid Challenges for 2012,"  "Americans with Disabilities Act and Employment:  Recent Case Law," "Mobility Equipment:  A Physical Therapist's Perspective,"  "Confronting Challenges of Dual Eligibility in Medicaid DME Cases," and "Enforcing the Fair Housing Act to Obtain AT."


To learn more about these upcoming events, contact Jim Sheldon at 


"Did You Know?" Series

These very short postings will not cover every possible issue on a topic; rather, the intent is make the reader aware of key information to support your AT advocacy.  To date, there are 14 postings available at:   

The most recent four postings:

"Grants and Charities as Funding Sources for AT," available at

"Workers Compensation and AT," available at

"Medicaid Funding of Ramps," available at

"Medicaid Notice Requirements," available at

Coming Soon:  "Adoption Subsidies and AT"


The "AT Advocate" Newsletter

This longstanding publication of the National AT Advocacy Project is published a minimum of three times per year.  Our most recent newsletters and lead articles:

Fall 2010, "Consumer Rights in the Medicaid Process:  Understanding and Protecting those Rights Should Ensure More Access to Assistive Technology," available at .

Spring-Summer 2010, "Practical Ethics for the Disability Attorney:  When Can You Interview the Employees of Your Adversary?" available at .

Coming Up (Winter-Spring 2011):  "Special Medicaid Eligibility Rules for Persons with Disabilities"


Recent Training

Training Highlights from National Disability Rights Network Conference: 

Jim Sheldon presented or co-presented several times during the June 6-9, 2011 conference: "Ensuring Effective Transition to Integrated Employment" (all day institute).  Contact Jim Sheldon at for more information.


Training Highlights from Vermont

On June 10th, Jim Sheldon presented at Vermont Legal Aid's annual "College" for its Statewide Staff:  "Medicaid and AT:  Turning a 'No' into a 'Yes.'" and "Social Security/SSI Work Incentives."  Handouts are available.


Recent TA

Many individuals get at least some of their equipment funded through Medicaid waiver programs.  The caller inquired about waiver funding for a speech generating device for a child.  We provided information on how to use the links on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) website to find information about the various waiver programs that exist in a state.  We also assured the caller that Medicaid waiver recipients are entitled to all the same rights available under the traditional Medicaid program, including the right to a fair hearing and (for children under age 21) the right to have the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment or EPSDT provisions applied when deciding a child's case (Contact Diana Straube at for more information).


Although our primary mandate is to serve PAAT attorneys and advocates (and others in the P&A network), we do provide TA to a range of other callers.  This caller had developed and was seeking to market a Dry Mouth Pump (marketed as a solution to chronic dry mouth).  Having found our Frequently Asked Questions publication on HCPCS codes ('s%20HCPCS.pdf), he asked about the need for a HCPCS code for the device and the steps for obtaining a code.  We discussed these issues and provided him links to the CMS website for the HCPCS application and authoritative information about when a code is needed.  If questions, contact Diana Straube at





AFP/Telework Best Practice Institute - September 7-9, 2011

The Best Practice Institute for Financial Loan Programs will be conducted September 7-9, 2011 at the Ed Roberts Campus Building in Berkeley, California, hosted by the RESNA Catalyst Project.  THE HOTEL DEADLINE IS JULY 22, 2011!  The first two days will be designed for all loan programs.  A Telework Workshop will be conducted September 9.  To see the meeting invitation, registration form and draft agenda, go to



Join the Best Practices Work Group

The Best Practices Work Group is expanding!  Monthly conference calls are held with members of this group, with the focus on development of Loan Program Quality Indicators.  Come join us in the creation of these statements and shaping the future of loan programs!  If interested please contact Jason Luciano at


New Publication

Findings from the Top Performers Workgroup
As part of the 2010 RSA Challenge to increase Telework loan volumes, the top performing Telework programs convened for a series of calls to discuss what had made them successful.  This document summarizes and presents the results of the Top Performers in Telework Loan Programs Workgroup. Five identified Keys to Success are detailed, and specific action steps and worksheets are provided for all program's use.  It can be found at


Upcoming Events

Keys to Success: A Business Planning Course for Entrepreneurs (Telework Webinar).  Tuesday July 19th at 2:00p. Eastern

Designed as a follow up to the April webinar by Kathy Gilman, this presentation will focus on the keys to success of budding entrepreneurs.  Discussion will include what it takes to build a successful business, and how a telework program may help that process.  It is appropriate for people who missed the April webinar to still participate in this one.  To log into the webinar, go to using Internet Explorer.  Please contact Jason Luciano ( for more information.

New AFP Program Directors Conference Call Lending Basics Series - Fourth call - Wednesday, July 20th at 1:00pm Eastern

This conference call, continuing the series for new AFP directors and others interested in Lending Basics, will center on marketing strategies for loan programs.  A discussion of different program's marketing plans and approaches will be included.  To access the call, dial: 1-800-351-6810, pass code 80573760#.


To access prior calls in the Lending Basics Series, go to


Recent Events

New Telework Program Directors Conference Call Series: - Fourth Call - Tuesday, May 24th at 1:00pm Eastern.

Wrapping up the series of conference calls for directors new to Telework Programs, the fourth scheduled call focused on the findings of the TopPerformers workgroup of the Telework Initiative in 2010.  The identified Keys to Success were reviewed in greater detail.  The recording of this call is posted on the Catalyst website at




AT Podcasts in Indiana

INDATA has launched weekly podcasts, and two podcasts are available now. 


The first podcast is called "Assistive Technology Update", and includes updates on the latest and greatest AT to hit the scene.  You'll find it on iTunes at


The second podcast is called "Accessibility Minute".  This podcast is slower, more general, and targeted toward the general public.  You'll find it on iTunes at


To learn more about INDATA's podcasts, contact Wade Wingler at 



University of Maryland Accommodations Survey

"Individuals with disabilities who need job accommodations (or "reasonable accommodations" as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act) are being sought for a study by researchers at the University of Maryland, College Park. The purpose of this study is to examine factors related to requests for job accommodations.


You are invited to share your perceptions on factors related to an accommodation request by answering a few questions about yourself, your organization, and your abilities and emotions in the course of requesting accommodations. This survey will take about 20~30 minutes.


The first 100 participants completing the survey will have a 1-in-4 chance of winning a $25 gift certificate; the rest of the respondents completing the survey will have a 1-in-4 chance of winning a $10 gift certificate. Moreover, you will be assisting service providers and employers to learn more about how to improve the job accommodation process for persons with disabilities.


If you have questions about this research study, please contact Shengli Dong at 301-405-9126 or by e-mail at   The survey can be accessed at the following link.


The RESNA Catalyst Project is a project funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Rehabilitation Services Administration under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998, as amended.  The project is operated by RESNA. The information contained herein does not necessarily reflect the position or policy of RSA/ED or RESNA and no official endorsement of the materials should be inferred.


RESNA is the Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America whose purpose is to promote the health and well being of individuals with disabilities through the use of assistive technology.  RESNA is the grantee funded to provide technical assistance and training to those programs funded under the AT Act and to others.  


Contact Information:  RESNA Catalyst Project, 1700 North Moore Street, Suite 1540, Arlington, VA  22209-1903; (703) 524-6686 (voice), (866) 342-6572 (voice), (703) 524-6630 (FAX), (703) 524-6639 (TTY).  Email:; Website: