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2006 Annual Conference of AT Act Programs

June 12-14, 2006
Wyndham Baltimore Inner Harbor Hotel
Baltimore, Maryland

  1. Agenda (WORD format)
  2. Participants (WORD format)
  3. Handouts for Plenary Sessions
    1. Sustainability for Human Service Organizations
  4. Handouts for Concurrent Sessions
    1. Explanation and Discussion of Data Collection System for State Programs
    2. Keeping and Seeking Opportunities for AT in Today's Medicaid Programs (PPT format) (HTML version) by Deborah Parker Wolfenden
    3. Doing a Good Screening for AT Funding Possibilities (WORD format)
    4. Sustaining Statewide AT Programs
    5. NIMAS Update
  5. Compilation of Resources from Neighborhood Legal Services
    1. The Federal Fair Housing Act: A Tool to Obtain or Get Full Benefit for AT in Rental Housing (WORD format)
    2. IDEA, Part C: Early Intervention Services to Infants and Toddlers Under Part C of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (WORD format)
    3. Identifying Funding Sources for Assistive Technology Funding: A Screening Tool for AT Advocates (WORD format)
    4. Medicaid and Assistive Technology: A Fresh Look at Medicaid as an AT Funding Source (WORD format)
    5. Medicaid, Assistive Technology, and the Courts: An Updated Summary of AT-Related Federal and State Court Decisions (WORD format)
    6. Medicaid and Persons with Disabilities - Part 1: The Regular State Medicaid Program Part II: A Focus on Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waivers (WORD format)
    7. Non-Traditional Funding Sources and Funding Strategies for Assistive Technology: Creative Ways to Access Traditional AT Funding Sources, Some Little-Known AT Funding Sources and Funding Strategies (WORD format)
    8. Private Insurance Contracts & Assistive Technology: Part II (WORD format)
    9. Proactive Intervention for Hearing Impaired Infants, Preschoolers, and Adults: A Discussion of Funding Sources for Hearing Aids (WORD format)
    10. SSI's Plan for Achieving Self Support: Using the PASS to Purchase Assistive Technology to Achieve a Work Goal (WORD format)
    11. State Child Health Insurance Program Provides Health Care to Uninsured Low-Income Children (WORD format)
    12. State Vocational Rehabilitation Agencies: An Important Source of AT for Individuals Preparing for Work (WORD format)
    13. Funding of Assistive Technology to Make Work a Reality (WORD format)