Universal Design, Visitability
and Home Modifications: Providing
Access and Independence

In this session, weíll...

ďWe shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us.Ē

Housing design background

Housing design background, conít.

Housing design background, conít.

Accommodation movement

Accommodation movement -- Accessible (rental) housing

Accommodation movement -- Accessible (rental) housing, conít.

Accommodation movement Ė ďAdaptableĒ (rental) housing

Accomodation movement Ė
Adaptable (rental) housing, conít.

Universal design

(Home) universal design

(Home) Visitability

Visitability, conít.

ďEasy-LivingĒ Homes

Accommodations summary

Current status

Current status

Colliding trends

Colliding trends, conít.

Colliding trends, conít.

Colliding trends, conít.

Colliding trends, conít.

Policy agenda, challenges

Policy challenges

Policy challenges, conít.

Policy challenge, conít.

Information resources

Information resources, conít.

Role for AT Programs

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