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Topic Snapshot: Outreach/Marketing

Tool Kit


Marketing Plans

  • Media Plan (2007) -- Available formats: rtf
    This is an example of a media plan. It was developed by the Utah PAAT for advocacy activities
  • Vermont AT Reuse - A Marketing Collaboration (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    This PowerPoint provides information about the Vermont Reuse program - how it got started and how the collaborative began. Examples of marketing pieces are included, such a brochures, letters, and tear off flyers.
  • AT4All - Marketing a Free Online Service to List and Find Equipment in Nebraska (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    This presentation describes the AT4All website - the content and briefly how to navigate the site. It also shows some marketing pieces that the Nebraska project has developed for various audiences - including flyers and brochures.
  • Marketing Strategies (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    This presentation provides information and examples of how the Alabama STAR program markets its Reuse program. Included are lists of target markets, examples of the web site inventory, and copies of brochures billboards, print ads, and other marketing pieced developed by the program.
  • Project START - Success Through Assistive Rehabilitative Technology (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    Mississippi markets to rural and underserved populations through radio, TV, AT Awareness week, and mini-conferences. This presentation shows some examples of the marketing pieces developed.

Sample Documents

See also Clearinghouse of Marketing Materials

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