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New Statewide AT Directors Orientation Modules

Module Four: Fiscal and Contract Management

Under the Assistive Technology Act of 1998 (AT Act), as amended, statewide AT programs are responsible for the fiscal and contract management of the statewide AT program grant.

After completing this module, you will be able to:

  • Describe what EDGAR is and list relevant EDGAR sections applicable to statewide AT Act programs.
  • Describe the AT Act requirements for budgeting and allocating percentages of funds to state level and state leadership activities.
  • Define the terms obligating funds and liquidation funds, and describe the purpose of the SF 425 Form.
  • Describe why a statewide AT program might use a contract for services.
  • Identify project management resources.

This Module has seven parts:

  1. Overview of Statewide AT Fiscal and Contract Management (2011) (ppt)
    PowerPoint explaining the Statewide AT Act Program fiscal and contract management.
  2. EDGAR (Education Department General Administrative Regulations)
    • EDGAR Website
  3. Budgets
  4. Expenditures
    Federal Financial Report SF 425
  5. Contracting
    • Performance Based Contracts (2011)( MP3 ppt)
      Sonke Dornblut, Project Coordinator with Assistive Technology in New Hampshire, discussed the Program's use of Performance Based Contracts (PBC), how to achieve statewideness through PBC, determining PBC project goals and data reporting, contractor professional development, and what is funded through PBC.
    • RESNA Catalyst Subcontract Repository
      Sample documents used by states for reuse, device loan, device demo, and financing services.
  6. Project Management & Reporting Systems
  7. Program Income