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Topic Snapshot: Reuse

Pass It On Center

Reports and Research

Profiles of AT Reuse Programs

  • Computer Refurbishing (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    This presentation provides a flow chart for how computers are processed at the ReBoot facility in Georgia. It describes the donation policy and the process for evaluating equipment. The process of refurbishment is describes from installing software, matching the consumer to the equipment. The program's technical support and e-waste process is also described.
  • New Hampshire's Refurbished Equipment Marketplace (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    This presentation describes how New Hampshire's program controls what equipment is donated, evaluates equipment that comes in and tracks the service and activity provided to each device.
  • Sanitizing and Evaluation of Equipment (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    This presentations describes what equipment Paraquad accepts, what forms are used, the evaluation process that the program uses, and the process for cleaning devices.
  • Vermont Reuse Leaps and Bounds (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    This powerpoint describes various programs and initiative that the Vermont AT Act program has related to AT reuse.
  • An Overview of Alabama's Assistive Technology Act Program (2008) -- Available formats: ppt
    This powerpoint provides an overview of the Alabama AT Act program. It describes its mandate, the services it provides, and the organizational structure.
  • Reutilization Program: Building a Statewide Network (2008) -- Available formats: ppt
    This powerpoint provides an overview of the steps Tennessee took to develop its network of Reuse Centers. The project hosted a meeting to raise awareness and begin to have programs exchange ideas and start collaborations. It describes the role that VISTA volunteers are playing in the network and thoughts about expanding the collaboration beyond state lines.
  • Your Southeastern Technology Access and Reuse Network (2008) -- Available formats: ppt
    This powerpoint provides an overview of the STAR network that operates reuse centers and reuse depots in Georgia. It features the 2 depots (FODAC and Touch the Future) and the 4 Outreach Centers (Columbus, Macon, Disability Link, and Walton Options).

Sustainability Planning

  • Sustainability Planning for Re-Use Centers (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    This powerpoint describes key points for planning for program sustainability. They include strategic planning, projecting income and expenses, and the importance of diversifying funding.
  • Sustainability Planning - Project Mend (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    This powerpoint describes several areas that Project Mend focused on to plan to sustain its Reuse program. These included getting the advisory board involved, diversifying funding sources, branding the project, and ensuring that policies and procedures are written.
  • Virginia Reuse Network Sustainability Planning Efforts (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    This powerpoint describes the Virginia network of reuse programs and efforts in the past year to secure extra funding through the Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative, the ARRA (Stimulus funds) and other funding sources.


  • Populating Device Exchange Sites (2007) -- Available formats: rtf
    Teleconference on how to populate your device exchange website. Speakers included: Arlene Lugo-Connecticut, Kathy Adams - Maine, and Kristi Barber - Indiana.
  • AT School Exchange Program Teleconference Powerpoint Slides March 26, 2009 (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    Arlene Lugo of the Connecticut Assistive Technology Project, Kathy Adams of MaineCITE, and Sharon Alderman of the Vermont Assistive Technology Program presented information on how they collaborated with the public schools systems in their states in developing an AT Exchange Program specifically designed for school districts to share AT equipment.

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