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Topic Snapshot: Training

Distance Learning

  • ATIA Webinar Platform: Free Long Distance Learning Technology (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    This powerpoint describe how one state, Oklahoma, used the ATIA/NATTAP webinar room to provide training to VR counselors across the state of Oklahoma in a cost effective manner. Other examples are provided. The webinar platform is described. Directions are provided for how to book the room.
  • Distance Learning Technology Explored at the Maine Regional Workshop (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    This powerpoint summarized the Regional Workshop on Distance Learning conducted in September 2008. During that workshop, the content included information about Penn International, Polycom technology, automatic sync technology, Serotec, Docsoft, and Adobe Captiva.


See also Clearinghouse of Training Materials

    Financial Literacy
  • Financial Freedom: Borrowing for Assistive Technology (2009) -- Available formats: ppt
    This powerpoint provides an overview of a Financial education curriculum about borrowing money to purchase AT. The curriculum was developed by Alpha One with a grant from NEFE. The presentation describes the curriculum chapters and other resources.
  • Money Smart – Accessible Curriculum by Michigan Disability Rights Coalition (2009) -- Available formats: external
    This web site provides an accessible version of the financial literacy curriculum, Money Smart. Each chapter has slides and other materials.

  • Marketing Toolkit for Statewide Assistive Technology Act Programs (2010) -- Available formats: rtf
    This Marketing Toolkit is designed specifically to help statewide AT Act programs create a marketing plan by using a series of worksheets. Each worksheet is explained and examples are provided to help with completion. Then we show you how to assemble all the worksheets into a simple and thorough marketing plan.

  • Small changes BIG DIFFERENCES Presentation (2010) -- Available formats: rtf ppt
    This presentation describes a training curriculum that promotes awareness of low tech items.
  • Resource List for Small changes BIG DIFFERENCES Workshop (2010) -- Available formats: rtf
    Resources to accompany workshop.

  • Pennsylvania AT @ Work Training Materials, May 14, 2009 (2009) -- Available formats: mp3 rtf
    Amy Goldman and Ann Dolloff from Pennsylvania’s Initiative on Assistive Technology (PIAT), and Jennifer Garman of the Disability Rights Network of Pennsylvania presented information on their collaborative approach within the employment network that they developed to promote assistive technology in the workplace through outreach, training, and technical assistance. This call was a follow up from the 2009 AT Act Annual Conference session on the AT Collaborative where more detailed information on the employment collaborative with a focus on the “AT@Work” training package that is used during the Train-the-Trainer trainings throughout their state was shared.
  • Online Training Materials and Participant Handouts (2009) -- Available formats: rtf
    This is a link to the Pennsylvania training materials that were developed through the AT Collaborative in the state.

    Early Intervention
  • Early Intervention Initiatives in Assistive Technology - July 15, 2010 - Powerpoint (2010) -- Available formats: ppt
    This presentation describes the Colorado statewide AT program that provides services to young children. It describes the consultant network, the training, the loan bank, and plans for the future. Goals for the upcoming year include increase the numbers served, enhancing branding and marketing of the program, and expanding the training available to the providers in the state.

    Statewide AT Program Training
  • Virginia AT System – AT Education Portal -- Available formats: external
    Training materials for Virginia.

    Transition to Community
  • Georgia Accessing Assistive Equipment and Devices in Nursing Facilities (2010) -- Available formats: ppt
    This presentation is for ombudsmen, peer supporters, and advocates. It provides information on how to use a checklist when helping people in nursing facilities attempt to acquire customized wheelchairs

Marketing Materials

See also Clearinghouse of Marketing Materials

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