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Topic Snapshot: Transition

Transition into the Community

Transition of School-Aged Youth

  • Work, Assistive Technology and Transition-Aged Youth (2009) (WORD)
    This publication from Neighborhood Legal Services looks at funding sources for AT as youth transition to work and post-secondary activities.
  • Transition to Adult Life (2007) (RTF)
    This booklet by the Disability Rights Network in Wisconsin identifies funding resources for assistive technology. It looks at the student rights for AT through IDEA, how to link to outside agencies, the importance of transition planning and how to get started, and post-secondary issues.
  • Funding of Assistive Technology to Make Work a Reality (2006) (WORD)
    This article has been built around a case scenario involving Sharon, a 16 year old with a severe physical disability who will face multiple needs for AT as she completes her special education program, attends college, and eventually moves on to her employment goal. In walking through several years of her life, she is faced with the need to access several different benefit programs as funding sources for AT, including the special education program, the state vocational rehabilitation agency, Medicaid, Medicare, and SSI's Plan for Achieving Self Support.
  • Assistive Technology Addendum (2007)(RTF)
    This is a sample memorandum of agreement between a state education agency and its VR agency regarding AT. The purpose of this addendum is to document and describe how DORS and ACPS will work collaboratively to assure that assistive technology (AT) devices and services are provided to eligible students with disabilities in order to assist them with transitioning from ACPS to postsecondary.
  • Transition Planning: Assistive Technology Supports and Services (2007) (PDF)
    This publication describes the importance of the Transition plan, how to empower students for transitioning, a discussion of the basic skills needed for AT users, and the importance of self determination.

Consumer Brochures

  • AT and Transition to Adult Life Brochure
    This brochure describes how AT can assist a student's transition to adult life.

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