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Topic Snapshot: Vocational Rehabilitation


Sample State Documents

  • VR/ATP Referral Form (2008) -- Available formats: rtf
    This is the referral form used by VR to request services from Nebraska ATP.
  • Assistive Technology Addendum (2007) -- Available formats: rtf
    This is a sample memorandum of agreement between a state education agency and its VR agency regarding AT. The purpose of this addendum is to document and describe how DORS and ACPS will work collaboratively to assure that assistive technology (AT) devices and services are provided to eligible students with disabilities in order to assist them with transitioning from ACPS to postsecondary

Consumer Brochures


Workforce Investment Act (WIA) of 1998 - Summary of Law (1998) -- Available formats: html
The purpose of Workforce Investment Act of 1998 (WIA) is to create a national workforce preparation and employment system that meets the needs of job seekers and those seeking to advance their careers, as well as the employment needs of the nation's employers. The goal is to create an integrated workforce investment system that improves the quality of the U.S. workforce, sustains economic growth and productivity, and reduces dependency on welfare.

State Profile

Last Updated April 2011