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WEBED-ATIA05: Data Collection - Products and Services from ATIA Members
PRESENTERS: Representatives from ATIA member companies: Cambium Learning Technologies and AbleLink Technologies.
DATE: Wednesday, September 28, 2011: 2:00 - 3:30 p.m. Eastern Time

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Webinar Description:

This webinar features presentations from two leading data collection providers with product and services overviews, demonstrations, implementation scenarios and information on accompanying support and training programs.

Presentation #1: Ablelink Technologies, Inc.

Steven E. Stock, Vice President of AbleLink Technologies, Inc., will present on how AbleLink uses data collection techniques in the company's product research and methodology, as well as data collection and other feedback processes that are generated by the products themselves AbleLink specializes in products and services for people with cognitive disabilities. AbleLink Research and Development builds on the findings of their Cognitive Innovation Labs to begin the process of applying technology solutions to real world barriers. AbleLink has been awarded over 60 research and development projects, including many SBIR Phase I and Phase II grants, which have resulted in a number of different products and services. Steve will share some of these exciting developments which have resulted in currently available products and services and some that are still under development, as well as visions for the future.
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Company Profile:
AbleLink Technologies Inc., based in Colorado, has conducted over 65 research projects to investigate, research and develop technology applications for individuals with cognitive disabilities (e.g., intellectual disability, traumatic brain injury, autism) and for seniors. Research results are published in leading journals and we work with a number of partner organizations including The Beach Center at the University of Kansas, the Westchester Institute for Human Development, the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., Foundation, NIDRR and the National Institute on Aging. AbleLink products and services are available on a variety of platforms including smart phone, tablet, desktop and web-based. The AbleLink Technologies web site can be found at

Presentation # 2: Cambium Learning Technologies

David Bradburn, Vice-President of Sales, Cambium Learning Technologies will present on Cambium Learning Technologies uses data collection techniques in the company's products and services. Cambium Learning Technologies, which includes Kurzweil Educational Systems and IntelliTools, is the maker of Kurzweil 3000 and Classroom Suite. Both products designed to assist students with cognitive, physical, visual or learning disabilities to learn and perform at or above grade level. Cambium Learning Technologies has been awarded several SBIR Phase 1 and Phase 2 research grants which have resulted in a number of different products and services. Cambium Learning Technologies products incorporate curriculum-based standards and student data collection features to provide feedback to students and teachers on student performance. David will present on the different features of both products and how they can be implemented in different ways in educational institutional settings.
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Company Profile:
Cambium Learning Technologies, part of the Cambium Learning Group, a leading educational company focusing exclusively on at-risk and special student populations, creates software and hardware products serving students ranging from PreK to adult and the educators who help them learn. Products include Kurzweil 3000, IntelliTools Classroom Suite and IntelliKeys. The Cambium Learning Technologies web site can be found at