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AFP and AT Reuse Acquisition Conference

August 31 and September 1, 2015
Hotel Liaison Capitol Hill DC, Washington DC

  • Conference Satisfaction Report (PDF)
  • Conference Agenda (WORD)
  • Opening Session and Welcome
    ACL (PPT)   PIOC (PPT)
  • Session 1: How We Do What We Do: Panel on Program Structures and Interplay
    Maine CITE (PPT)     CFILC (PPT)
  • Session 2a: Program Sustainability: Planning Towards the Future
    CDFI (PPT)     CT (PPT)
  • Session 2b: Asset Building and Education for Clients
    Easter Seals NE (PPT)   Your Credit Report (PDF)   When to Use Credit (PDF)   Solving Financial Problems (PDF)   PATF Resource (Understanding the ABLE Act) (PDF)   PATF Website Resources (WORD)
  • Session 2c: Building “Win/Win/Win” Relationships through AT Reuse: A Closer Look at Medicaid Collaborations
  • Session 2d: Best Practices: Effective Equipment Management – Donations, Triage, Inventory, Sanitization, Repair/Refurbishment and End of Life Recycling
  • Session 3a: Best Practices: Maximizing Your Program and Meeting Your Potential
    PIOC (PPT)
  • Session 3b: Trends and Tips for Diversifying Funding Streams: A Closer Look at Healthcare, Independent Living, Aging, Vocational Rehabilitation, Veterans, and/or Public Education Collaborations
    CFILC (PPT)   Project MEND (PPT)   PIOC (PPT)   VATS (PPT)   WI (PPT)
  • Session 3c: Best Practices: Raising your AT Reuse IQ – Policies, Procedures, Liability, Tracking Inventory, and Data Management
    NE-IQ (PPT)
  • Session 4: National Perspectives: An Overview of ACL and Collaboration with FEMA
    ACL (PPT)   FEMA (PPT)
  • Session 5a: Strategies for Marketing, Sharing Your Stories, and Advertising Your Programs
  • Session 5b: Sustainability Planning: Developing and Sustaining Your AT Reuse Network
  • Session 5c: Best Practices: Matching Equipment to Individuals
  • Session 6a: Emergency Management & AT
  • Session 7b: Telling your AT Reuse Story Effectively: A Closer Look Return on Investment Formulas and Effective Marketing Practices
    Alabama STAR (PPT)   FODAC (PPT)
  • Session 7c: Best Practices: Operating an Effective AT Exchange Network
    Group (PPT)
  • General Closing Session & Wrap Up
    PIOC (PPT)